The Hills of Hockley 200 km Brevet

Ride report from Kathy Brouse:

I think the Hills of Hockley is the most challenging Toronto chapter 200 km (actually 209.5 km) ride. But, it is also the most scenic ride as it winds its way through the most picturesque part of the Escarpment, the Hockley Valley, Simcoe county and the Holland Marsh… 2131 m of climbing to Orangeville and then the lovely run through the Hockley Valley with the stopover at the charming Hockley General Store.

The day was sunny and beautiful throughout, some south wind just to create a little more challenge. 7 riders participated in this ride and everyone finished. Having ridden to Concord from Etobicoke, William went on to complete the ride first in 8:40, but we all know that William has superpowers so it is as expected! Great to see Linda P again this year and this time Paul did not get a flat. Did I mention before that on the Gentle Start, Paul attempted to patch the hole in his tire with a $20 bill?!

Every time I run up the stairs at work today I will be reminded of the Hills of Hockley!

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