First ride of 2013, Ottawa Osgoode 60 km Populaire

Ride Report from Peter Grant:

I got 8 of 10 riders posed for a picture at the start. From the left 2 new members Guy Fortin and Nicholas Piper beside Daniel Wilson and Helene Letour guests from Ottawa Bicycle Club. Next is Guy Quesnel, Alain Couet, David McCaw and Luc Fournier beside his velo mobile. Alan Ritchie joined the ride as we departed and the photographer was Peter Grant. The next pictures tell the story. We enjoyed the bare pavement, open roads, and bright sunshine of a late winter day. Endless fields still lay deep in snow south of Ottawa holding the air temperature at 0C. With 1 stop for home made cinnamon buns at Winchester the group made its way back to Osgoode by 12:30. Everyone had a good time and were happy to escape the bonds of winter.

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