Lakes and Vines 300

Ride Report from Kathy Brouse:

To celebrate the Lakes and Vines 300 I have just purchased a bottle of “vinology” from the Flat Rock estate winery that I cycled past yesterday enroute to Jordan Station. This evening I will sip this wine and reflect on what to me is the most beautiful Toronto chapter rando ride. I have said it before, and I will say it again, everyone should ride the L&V at least once, on a summer day it’s an amazing and so very scenic ride.

First you cycle through the Dundas valley which is all rollers, shade and dappled sunlight early in the morning. Then you go south to Caledonia and cycle with the Grand River and rolling farmlands on your left for ages as you head towards the north shores of Lake Erie. You know you’re getting close when you hit Dunnville, tons of fisherman out, boats and the holiday crowd. Eventually you arrive at Halimand and Wainfleet and follow the shores of Lake Erie for ages, very peaceful on a lovely summer day. At Port Colborne you stop for food and drink and head north through the vineyards to Jordan Station on the shores of Lake Ontario. Cycling through the vinelands is like moving through the aisles at the LCBO as you recognize all the estate wineries and try to remember to pick up a bottle from a specific winery in the next few weeks.

From Jordan Station it’s hills and ascents as you head towards Hamilton and high up on the escarpment on Ridge Rd you overlook all of Hamilton Harbour, a very dramatic view in the late afternoon. Then the day turns into dusk and you reach the Erin Mills finish as darkness descends. Unlike me, the speedy amigos riding the L&V , arrive at the finish much much earlier and while I am arriving at Hutches Burgers (second to last control) those fast guys are at home, showered and drinking a beer 🙂

Nice to see Ken Jobba out yesterday. Ken used to organize club rides when I first joined the RO and has not ridden with RO since 2009! (did I remember that correctly Ken??) And always nice to see Dave T on a Toronto chapter ride. It was his first L&V and he said it was great. Dave is off to do 1200 km in Ireland in a week’s time, what a great adventure and another 1200 km in Belgium two weeks after that, what a cycling machine! Good luck to Brian who is off to begin the Great Divide in less than two weeks. Looking forward to seeing Brian at the BC Vanisle 1200 and hearing about the Great adventure.

If you still have not done this ride, be sure to put the Lakes and Vines 300 on your cycling bucket list.

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