Concord Collingwood 400

Ride Report from Kathy Brouse:

Although I did not ride this brevet I received feedback from the three riders who rode this challenging brevet. It’s one of those rides that if you’re not going up, you’re going down.

All of the riders on the brevet are new riders with the club – Randy, Tim and Janet. Technically Randy is not a rookie randonneur because he joined last year and rode at least one, maybe two brevets. But this was his first 400, as it was for Tim and Janet. Tim and Randy rode together and finished just before 2:00am, an amazing accomplishment!

Not to take away from their achievement, but this has to be said…..move over boys cause Janet Vogt is overtaking on the left! Janet rode that entire brevet, through the night for almost 24 hours alone. She negotiated the detour just west of Everett, the steep climbs and even told me that she now knows the appeal of night riding. She enjoyed Friday’s beautiful full moon.

Janet has proven that she has guts, fortitude and tenacity, all the virtues that make a true Rando warrior. Congratulations to you Janet, you are amazing 🙂

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