Much Ado About….

Carey Chappelle provided some info about the Much Ado About brevet planned for May:

I officially ordered The Ritz Tuxedo Cycling Jersey Men’s Short Sleeve Special Edition this morning, to help me feel more comfortable during Much Ado About 200km Brevet… play, many of us will attend at the Stratford Festival during the scheduled ride on the 07 May 2016.
Primal Wear The Ritz Tuxedo Cycling Jersey Men's Large Short Sleeve

Terry and I enjoyed attending the Taming of the Shrew during this year’s Much Ado About …. but did feel somewhat uncomfortable with how we were dressed while enjoying a glass of wine and cheese in front of the Grand Piano!

I very much suggest that you dress appropriately if you are going to join us at the Stratford Festival during 2016’s Much Ado About…. Brevet.


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