Big Bay 200 Permanent

Ride Report from Carey Chappelle:

We finished the Big Bay 200 Permanent Thursday in 11hrs 07min. The weather was simply incredible! No wind to worry about. Arrived in Owen Sound just before 10am and thought with breakfast I could finish this brevet around 8hrs and 30mins. Everything went well until just outside Sauble Beach … where things just got better!!!  Just ahead of me I noticed a Lady with pannier bags strolling along towards Sauble Beach. We chatted and she asked if there was a place to have an Americano. I let her know of the great coffee shop in town and took her there. We chatted with some others on the patio who were interested in where she was going and where she came from. An hour later we headed towards Port Elgin, I e-mailed my wife Donna to see if we could offer Megan a place to stay and of course no problem. Pedalling from Southampton to Port Elgin, Megan asked me to stop for some photos …. she couldn’t believe how beautiful the Scenery was!  Megan and I arrived at Tim Horton’s 11hrs 07mins, had my card signed and headed back to my place. Donna, Erika and Lucas (Erika’s boyfriend) had Megan tell her travel story and they couldn’t get enough! … having said that .. we were going through pictures Megan had on her iPad later that night and I was so tired that I went to bed around 2300hrs and they stayed up until midnight enjoying photo’s Megan had from China, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajkistan and God knows where else!! She was heading to London, Ontario to stand up at one of her friends wedding this month then heading back to BC where she is from, to spend a few months with her parents, family and friends before heading to India in September. I printed off route sheet pages that Megan could use to get to London and enjoy the scenery along the way. It was tough saying good bye to Megan … but we loved getting to meet her and now Donna and I are wondering what Erika and Lucas are planning on doing in the future … not to mention us!

Port Elgin Welcomes Megan!

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