NEW Randonneurs Ontario Awards

Thanks to a proposal by Tim O’Callahan of the Huron Chapter, Randonneurs Ontario is now offering the following awards to its members.

THE O-12

This award goes to members who make a year-round commitment to randonneuring. In order to get this award, you must complete a club-sanctioned 200k ride for 12 consecutive months.  At least 8 of these monthly rides must be Randonneurs Ontario brevets or permanents.  If any of the 12 rides are completed outside Ontario, they must be brevets done with other ACP member clubs.

Recipients of the 0-12 will get a special badge.


This award goes to the randonneurs who travel between chapters. Complete at least one brevet in each chapter in a calendar year and you will be designated an “Ontario Explorer.”


This award recognizes randonneuring mileage. Complete at least 5000kms of sanctioned events within Ontario (includes populaires, permanents, brevets and flèche) in a calendar year and you will become an O-5000 hero.

These new awards show there is more than one way to have a rich and challenging randonneuring season. For the seasoned members and anciens / anciennes there are new challenges to be undertaken. For the newer members, there is a lot of potential for setting some long-term goals.

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