Big Chute 200 a wet and wonderful day

Ride report by Kathy Brouse:

You may have looked out your window yesterday and seen all that rain and thought to yourself, “I really dodged a bullet not going to Big Chute 200” but for those 5 intrepid souls that rode the Big Chute 200 out of Barrie to Honey Harbour, to Coldwater and back to Barrie, that was not the case. Well, I can only speak for 3 intrepid souls because Henk and Fred were on a mission and rode the route much faster than Arthur, Stan and myself. We had a great day: great scenery, interesting adventures and great camaraderie, what more could you ask for?! We had to carry our bikes and step gingerly over a tricky road closure on Upper Big Chute road, slipping and sliding on the wet wooden planks and yes it did rain all the way to Honey Harbour, but it was not cold and the rain did not interfere with the enjoyment of the ride. Warmed ourselves with delicious grilled cheese sandwiches and coffee at the General Store CafĂ© in Honey Harbour and then back on the bikes for the 40 km stretch to the Big Chute, which is undoubtedly one of the prettiest stretches of road on any of our routes as it winds through rocky landscapes, inland lakes, cottage country. And, it did not rain for this stretch of the ride, well, only a little. The temperature dropped after Coldwater and it did get a bit cold on the bike, but eventually the rain stopped and the last 40 km into Barrie was dry and the countryside sublime. We did get the shakes and the shivers at the end when we stopped generating heat on the bike, but the pumpkin soup and crab cakes at the Crabshack in Barrie made it a great end to an adventurous day. And, this will make our Huron chapter cousins smirk, we had virgin ceasars at the Crabshack and they were delicious!! If you have not done the Big Chute 200 yet, you must come out with us next year and enjoy the falling leaves and all the beautiful fall colours.

Added comments from Liz Overduin:

Ahhh, yes, Kathy, virgin Caesars is a start – I love it! We will have you Cheering with a beer yet!

I also agree that the Big Chute brevet is gorgeous, even in the rain with the leaves all shiny and bright and inhaling the smell of damp leaves. It should be a mandatory ride for every Randonneur, actually for anyone who cycles.

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