Tour d’Essex 200

Ride report by Liz Overduin:

Just thought I would send out a ride report about the Huron Chapter’s most southern brevet and last brevet of the year. John Maccio did a great job of organizing the ride and getting word out to local Windsor cyclists and Detroit Randonneurs – thanks John. We had a total of 15 riders out to enjoy yet another gorgeous day after a soaker of a night (made for nicely washed roads). Although this route does not have the challenge of hills, it does have the reward of great scenery. We cycled along canals, marshes and the shores of Lake Erie, Lake St Clair as well as the Detroit River. Thanks to local riders, those of us not familiar with the area were given a bit of the history as well as explanations of the sights along the way. Our group of 15 also enjoyed a great lunch with some beverages in Kingsville, and one very patient waitress. With one more unscheduled stop for a Gelato just 15 km from the end, we all agreed it was a great ride. Not wanting our time together to be over, we drove to a great restaurant which John recommended (Armandos – Italian of course!) where some of the spouses joined us and we had dinner outside as the sun went down. During dinner, the two cyclists from Detroit, Makoto Miwa and Dennis vanStee, also wanted to thank the Ontario Randonneurs because last year John Maccio had told them about this ride in Windsor and they were inspired to start their own club – The Detroit Randonneurs. Their club is growing they have some great rides which they would love to have us come and ride.

As well, it was very exciting for me was to have my nephew, Eric, join us for his first ever brevet ride, and his first ride over 100 km. He did great, even hanging on for the final 2 km sprint to the finish at over 40 km/hr – as all of us more seasoned Randonneurs watched them pull away ahead of us. And, get this…… Eric’s wife and 5 children were waiting for him at the finish, with cards they had made, and even a necklace saying “I rode 200 km”! A cyclist who enjoys long distance rides, and a supportive spouse and family – now that’s a positive combination!

Thanks for a great season, and here’s looking forward to 2014!!

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