Out and about in Simcoe County

For anyone who was out on a bicycle this past weekend…..they would know what a great couple of days for cycling it was!

Simcoe Chapter routes are definitely ones to rave about – thanks to those who came out to enjoy the back to back 200 and 300. Going around Lake Simcoe on Sunday made it feel like we were in the heart of summer – the beaches we cycled along were packed with swimmers, sunbathers and families enjoying beach activities. Linda and I can also happily report that there were opportunities for ice cream (although maybe not as soon as we would have liked), and even a Dairy Queen in Keswick! The folks from Windsor area said it was definitely worth the drive. Randy Akins is a Barrie local and has been enjoying these routes as training rides – lucky guy!

One crazy thing that happened to me was that as I was coming down a “double hill”, just cresting and going into the second descent, there was a racoon making its way across the road. In that split second, (and now I truly understand why they call it a “split” second – it goes so fast), everything happened at once. It would have been best for both of us if the racoon had just let me zoom on by, but…..no, the racoon made a bolt. He ran into my front wheel and down I went, but not before running over him with my rear wheel. With a lot of snarling and hissing (racoon cursing?) he went into the bushes and then went quiet. I did not bother to investigate. Just then Arthur and Jerzey came along and Arthur offered me some antiseptic wipes to clean up the road rash on my knee and leg. Arthur has been carrying this emergency First Aid kit for 3 years and he was happy that finally it proved not to be in vain! As for me, once again I feel very fortunate that the outcome was not worse. I am not sure about the outcome for that racoon.

Liz Overduin

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