Gentle Start 200 Brevet

Ride report from Bob Macleod:

Ten cyclists participated in the Toronto Chapter’s first brevet of the season, including two doing their first brevet – Michael and Graeme, “welcome”!
We had perfect Spring-weather conditions, the most benign in memory for this late April event which often brings challenging winds and bitter temp’s. Yesterday was sunny until late afternoon, no wind to speak of and comfortable cycling temp’s starting at 2C to a high of 12C in mid-afternoon. Spring is evident everywhere – grasses are all bright green, waterways running fast, blackbirds are starting to establish their territories and every pond seems to have been claimed by a pair of geese or ducks.
Finish times were between 7h53m and 10h30m, so everyone seems to have had a relatively successful ride. Here’s looking forward to the next big event!

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