Lakes and Vines 300 Permanent!

Ride Report from Carey Chappelle:

Huron Chapter scheduled the Lakes and Vines 300 as a permanent on September 23rd, assuming only the two who initiated this event, Carey Chappelle and Chris Cossonnet would attend. Friday morning they had Dick Felton, Jerzy Dziadon and Joey Schwartz join them.
This 300 is actually 318km,  but the SCENERY, ROAD CONDITIONS and WEATHER were UNBELIEVABLE! We all stayed together for the first 75km then broke into two groups, leaving Dick Felton on his own.
Around 150km, Carey and Chris dropped behind Jerzy and Joey, stopping to take photos and soak in the SCENERY!
Of course, those familiar with the Lakes and Vines will recognize this area, where only bike lanes exist! Because I was the only one taking pictures, figured this photo of Chappy would prove I was there!
Continuing on, Randonneurs went buy many Wineries along the way! They reminded Chris of where he was born and raised!!
Leaving the Wineries and pedalling through the GORGEOUS town JORDAN, I was reminded of the BEAUTIFUL WEDDING that my wife and I attended last year, having spent the week-end in Jordan, we pedalled a section on our Fixies and noticed the HILLS we had to climb. Those HILLS were a lot easier this year!
Randonneurs experienced the worst roads over the entire ride pedalling through Hamilton! Despite the poor road conditions, scenery across the bridge was second to none! The last climb before the finish was breathtaking … but not due to the scenery! A short steep climb on the last stretch to the finish.
Overall, this was an AMAZING 300! Thanks to Toronto Randonneurs for having such a beautiful route! Already I am planning on doing this again next year as a Permanent and again in the FALL. Who would have expected the GREAT WEATHER we had during this ride! As a Permanent, I thought I would have to schedule it a few times but as things turned out, didn’t need to. We started at 5am and everyone finished by 10pm, meaning riding in the dark was minimized.
Once Again .. an AWESOME LAKES AND VINES 300!
Huron Chapter V.P.,

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