RO Awards Dinner — Huron, Simcoe/Muskoka, and Toronto Chapters

The Randonneurs Ontario Awards dinner took place in Toronto on 26 January 2019 at the Hot House Restaurant at Front and Church. It was a well attended event. Many awards were handed out. A good time was had by all. (It was also a great opportunity to see each other without our helmets and sunglasses on).

One of the most memorable parts of the evening was Peter Leiss’s speech about the life of Mike Barry Sr., whom Peter had known since the 1972. Peter shared numerous stories about their rides together, Mike’s famous bike shop Bicycle Specialities and Mariposa Bicycles, and Mike’s contributions to randonneuring over the decades, not least of which were his founding of the Toronto Randonneurs, and, of course, his regular attendance at our Awards Dinners over the years.

Peter finished his memorial speech with an announcement that the Jock Wadley Award for the club’s most outstanding rider would now be renamed the Mike Barry / Jock Wadley Award.

Mike Berry’s son, Michael, shared these words about the award and the choice to add his father’s name to it:

Michael Berry

Jock Wadley was a great friend of my father’s and inspired him in many ways. Jock was not only one of the foremost English-speaking cycling journalists of the 60’s and 70’s, covering all of the top international pro races, but also a keen cyclist who rode many brevets including P-B-P. Like my father, his goal was to share his knowledge of cycling and to encourage people to ride bikes regardless of whether it was a track, road, or touring bike. They both rode everywhere they could whether to work or across the Pyrenees. Both my father and Jock thought cycling should be inclusive and about the shared experience as much as the solo ride. It wasn’t always about finishing as fast as possible but about working together to achieve the best ride possible. They would keep an eye on the neophytes, encouraging them, and teaching them as they rode.  They built clubs, communities and friendships. They encouraged people to discover the world on a bike. 

My father would have been honoured to have his name alongside Jock’s on the trophy as I often heard him say what a thoughtful kind man he thought Jock was. He was a mentor to my father and the inspiration behind the club. My father and Mike Brown named the award after Jock for his qualities as a person. In many ways, my father shared those same qualities. 

Mike Barry’s wife, Claire, and daughter-in-law, Dede, were also in attendance.

Below is a listing of the award nominees and recipients

Beryl Burton Award (for the best female cyclist in the club) —Awarded to a club rider who is outstanding in one year or over several years and has: Shown interest in the club and has provided support and assistance. Helped on rides or helped other riders.

Nominees: Bojana Kolbah, Brenda Weichers-Maxwell, Erin Marchak, Liz Overduin

Recipient: Erin Marchak

Coronation Cup (most improved rider) —Awarded to a club rider who has at least one previous year riding with the Randonneurs Ontario, and has: Shown consistency in appearing and in cycling; Demonstrated improvement either in cumulative mileage ridden from previous season, or in brevet finishing times over the previous season.

Nominees: Alan Ritchie, Brenda Wiechers-Maxwell, Erin Marchak, John Maccio, Toby Whitfield

Recipient: Erin Marchak

Dan Herbert Award — Awarded to a member who has in one or more years: Benefited the club by mentoring one or more members (generally but not necessarily new). Mentoring is to be defined as encouraging, educating and assisting riders to achieve their full potential as bike riders and club members.

Nominees: Charles Horslin, Martin Cooper, Tim O’Callahan

Recipient: Tim O’Callahan

Half Wheel Award — Awarded to a club rider who has consistently forced the pace of the group during brevet rides.

Nominees: Ben Merritt, Brian Brideau, Jerzy Dziadon, Tim O’Callahan, Timothy Ormond

Recipient: Tim O’Callahan

Mike Berry / Jock Wadley Award — Awarded to a club rider who is outstanding in one year or over several years and has: Shown interest in the club and has provided support and assistance Helped on rides or helped other riders.

Nominees: Carey Chappelle, Charles Horslin, Dave Thompson, Erin Marchak, Larry Optis

Recipient: Carey Chappelle

Organizer of the Year

Nominees: Carey Chappelle, Guy Quesnel, Stephen Jones, Vytas Janusauskas / Peter Grant

Recipient: Stephen Jones

Outstanding Performance on a Brevet

Nominees: Annette Patel, Carey Chappelle, David Thompson, Erin Marchak, Loralei Norman, Matt MacFarlane, Simon Langham

Recipient: Annette Patel

Jim Griffin Rookie of the Year —Awarded to a club rider who has: Joined the Randonneurs Ontario in the year of the award or who rode their first brevet in the year of the award;  Shown ability in the year & shown interest in the club and in other club riders.

Nominees: Darcy Haggith, Matt MacFarlane, Sergii Tsymbal, Simon Langham

Recipient: Matt MacFarlane

Special Recognition Award — Awarded to a club rider who has: Completed a cycling event in the year of the award that merits commemoration. Made contributions to the club that merit commemoration.

Nominees: Brenda Wiechers-Maxwell / Liz Overduin, Dave Thompson, Erin Marchak, Ken Jobba

Recipient: Brenda Wiechers-Maxwell / Liz Overduin

Best Fleche Team — Awarded to the members of the fleche team who record the most kilometres on the club’s fleche ride in the year of the award.

Huron Boyz, Carey Chappelle, Chris Cossonnet, and John Cumming

High Mileage Awards

Male High Mileage — ACP Rides             David W Thompson 17,387 k

Male High Mileage — RO Club Rides         Carey Chappelle    3,500 k

Female High Mileage — ACP Rides         Erin Marchak               2,900 k

Female High Mileage — RO Club Rides     Erin Marchak           2,600 k

High Mileage — Permanent Rides Timothy Ormond 1,100 k